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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Services & Wine Cooling System Installations

Seaside, CA, Monterey, CA, Marina, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Capitola, CA & Watsonville, CA, and surrounding communities.

Professional Wine Cooling System Installation Near You

A wine cooling system maintains proper temperature and humidity, protecting the quality and value of your inventory. Nothing is more damaging to the maturing process and longevity of wine than severe heat or cold. The optimum wine cellar temperature range is between 55 and 58 degrees, while relative humidity levels should be kept within the range of 55 to 75%. Wine cellar refrigeration systems from Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. ensure the perfect conditions to gracefully age your wines and sustain them at their peak for years to come. Our wine storage consultants guide you through the many different options, recommend only quality products, and design a solution to fit your needs. When you rely on Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc., we offer more than superior choices. We bring our customers the best pricing and selection, complete installation properly, and share our extensive knowledge of wine storage. Our team of professionals are committed to exceptional service.

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Wine Cooling Systems in Monterey, CA | Wine Cooling System Installations Seaside, CA

The experienced specialists from Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. provide BTU analysis of your wine cellar, and explain differences between through the wall units, ductless units, and ducted units. We’ll detail the advantages of each, and help you determine the right solution for your specific requirements. Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. handles your complete start-to-finish project, delivering turnkey results, and familiarizing you with proper operation. We provide ongoing maintenance services, and for any trouble you may have with any make or model of unit, contact our expert support team for cost-effective repair. A live operator is standing by to schedule convenient appointments for all services throughout Monterey County and surrounding areas and Carmel, Monterey, Marina, Seaside, Watsonville, Capitola, Santa Cruz, CA.