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Bryant ductless

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Ductless split systems provide an affordable, attractive, and wonderfully uncomplicated solution to comfort challenges. Have a room that is always a bit too hot or cold, and has no ductwork? Putting on addition and can’t imagine how you’re going to manage temperature control? Converting a basement or garage into living space? For residential or commercial application, small or large spaces, or multiple rooms, a ductless systems is perfect.

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Your ductless HVAC specialists from Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. make sure you find the right system for your specific goals, handle proper sizing and location, and normally complete installation in one day. We hand you a wireless remote, and you’re all set to switch from heating to cooling, raise or lower temperature, and customize specific rooms to your preferences. Call (831) 920-0726 for a free estimate and same day service in Carmel, Monterey, Marina, Seaside, Watsonville, Capitola, Santa Cruz, CA and Monterey County and surrounding areas.

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Zenda Heating & Sheet Metal, Inc. specializes in Bryant ductless heating and cooling systems, offering streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units, quiet and compact outdoor units, and outstanding comfort control. Available in both heat pump and cooling-only applications, the flexible design and line lengths allow versatility in location and discreet incorporation into any decor. Included in a range of innovative features, Econo Mode function trims operating current and energy consumption by approximately 30% during startup. Night Set Mode eliminates uncomfortable temperature fluctuations for a good night’s sleep. Unique Bryant Inverter “Variable Speed” compressor technology optimizes comfort and efficiency with intelligent, adaptable operation. Space-savings, zoned temperature control, and the ability to connect anywhere from one to eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit, make these systems a smart choice for any home. We also offer Custom Sheet Metal Work & GutterServices!